Unfortunetly I have to say goodbye, the one who’s watching me knows just why.

He’s got nothing else to do, gotta keep himself amused.

He’ll get real scorned if I mention his kiddy porn

Only cos he knows its true.

He’s a class A manipulator, thinks that he’s THE great creator

Nobody is amused by all the ways you’ve lied and abused

Abused their trust, your facing absolute disgust

You can no longer hide behind your mask, it got lifted with a gasp of dismay and nobody knew quite what to say

I have heard you creeping through the grass in the late evenings, spray paint my wall with lxnx, what even is the meaning?

Posting pics of me on the internet, all those bloke you were deceiving and to turn round and send them to my house, Boy! what were you dreaming?

Top it off by sending them to your own house just to make your lies believed, all you did was make your own bed now you’ve gotta live with your own demons

Tampering with your own car took it too far, those lies had me laughing, making lies up about my son now that got me flabergasted

Hacking accounts, revenge porn, slander and fraud and a sopo breach your facing and I’m still standing here saying FUCK YOU BITCH! MY SANITY YOU AINT TAKING!

oh! now you don’t know what to say, Welcome to your new life of complete fucking disarray.


IYDLICI © 29/8/17 all rights reseved.