Unfortunetly I have to say goodbye, the one who’s watching me knows just why.

He’s got nothing else to do, gotta keep himself amused.

He’ll get real scorned if I mention his kiddy porn

Only cos he knows its true.

He’s a class A manipulator, thinks that he’s THE great creator

Nobody is amused by all the ways you’ve lied and abused

Abused their trust, your facing absolute disgust

You can no longer hide behind your mask, it got lifted with a gasp of dismay and nobody knew quite what to say

I have heard you creeping through the grass in the late evenings, spray paint my wall with lxnx, what even is the meaning?

Posting pics of me on the internet, all those bloke you were deceiving and to turn round and send them to my house, Boy! what were you dreaming?

Top it off by sending them to your own house just to make your lies believed, all you did was make your own bed now you’ve gotta live with your own demons

Tampering with your own car took it too far, those lies had me laughing, making lies up about my son now that got me flabergasted

Hacking accounts, revenge porn, slander and fraud and a sopo breach your facing and I’m still standing here saying FUCK YOU BITCH! MY SANITY YOU AINT TAKING!

oh! now you don’t know what to say, Welcome to your new life of complete fucking disarray.


IYDLICI © 29/8/17 all rights reseved.









Life’s Strife

Life’s Strife


I recently been thinking about what I want from life,

One of which was to be rid of strife,

As I sit here & think back through all my troubles,

The deceit, physical beats, torments & financial struggles

I realise that I have not suffered the worst cases of these,

There many more people less fortunate than me

I still have my life, there are many deceased

Strife has been my friend just as it has been my enemy.  gave me drive when I was down on my knees

 So Today I’m grateful of all that I’ve been through all  I am is because I grew & grew

Current struggles make me to look at my life and realise I was not born of salt, fire or ice instead I was born of Glasgow strife.

by Iydlici


©copyright 2017. all rights reserved

A Journey to the end

No no no no, I’m not taking about death….actually I am but thats at the end of a very long journey.

You see..

We all travel through several journeys, all at the one time. Your journey through your career, lovelife, growing up and everywhere inbetween is what makes you, well you. All these experiences that you have had in your life are different from someones elses…even if they were standing right next to you. Unique just like you.

No one else regardless of how similar the experience, has walked the exact same path as you. We’ve all interact with others in different ways and at different times in your life and the lives of those whom ever your interacting with.

This therefore makes every situation unique and the possibilities of outcomes endless. It all comes down to how you, yes YOU, interact with others. not how they act to you.

I remember being in a house and a firework went off in the house, everybody ran except for one. that person froze. despite being in the exact same room at the same time, they remember it differently than I do.


That person still hates fireworks…and frogs but thats another story.

I have spent lot of time with this person and been through different struggles about the same event and different stuggles for the other events and paths we have went down.

We have different sized families, different veiws, different attitudes towards both ourselves and others. One thing we do have in common is acceptance of each other and trust, at the very least trust in that the other thought this was the best option for them and the situation they are in.


Through these close relationships I have come to recongnise to take everyones story with a pinch of salt because everyone veiws things differently and rightly so cos they’re not me and they’re not you.



The moral of the tale….Be yourself!






Daily Prompt: Doubt

via Daily Prompt: Doubt

oh, the doubt and how it affects our melt.

Doubt. The plague of our people, haunting our stepple, chasing those dreams away, many a game does he play.

self esteem is out,

lets see what its all about.

Remember a the time you had doubt, weither it be about a situation or some thing that could be achieved.

Remember the disappoint of your face when you didn’t win that race?

Remember the feeling of being suprised when that achievement is finally realised ?

doubt is a funny thing as the above shows, so lets take a deeper look up close

your mind is a protecter of everything known, sometimes it has to be shown

fears and axieties are not what they seem, even the clowns and the dental drill screams

a clown is just a person with some make up on, take it off and “poof” the clowns gone.

dental drill sreams are not as easy it seems, a bit of rock drowns out the talk.

Your probably a bit like me and have battles in your dreams both day and night with a demon of another dimension, a dimension of the mind.

what if you could erase it and rub it all out? if you find one give me a shout. Usually my biggest defense is “f**k it, I’m doing it anyway” and to be honest this is where I usually win the end game.

This is coming from the girl whos spent 2 days up to her elbows in grease,
just so she doesn’t have to go “please sir, can you fix it for me please?”
yet doubts still linger over ability, clowding her vision, she just can’t see.
labels can’t discribe what she seems to be, too many conflicts, confusing it seems.

doubt creeps in when she sleeps, achievements of yesterday forgot,

worse scenarios in her dreams, fighting to avoid becoming a bot.

scaried to move, scared to do all the things dear to you.

what about just be you? drop the mask, drop the act.

be prowd of who you are today.


Doubt you can just get out!








Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

Rhythm is the sound of the soul and tonight is the night of the Brit awards event with various catagories and performances and of course glamour hosted in London, UK.

Coming together to celebrating the lyrics and rhythms created by artists and of course the teams of musicians, song writers and producers behind them that together create great songs.

You know the ones, the songs that make us feel good, feel sad, feel inspired, feel determined, the ones that make us dance, make us sing, make us cry, make us feel complete and sometimes not so complete.

No matter what era of music or genre of music your into the things that make great songs are the same. Love, Hurt, Betrayal, Social Issues, S*x, “sticking it to the man” or “don’t tell me I can’t”, Partying and having fun and probably more but above all every one of these is about the experience.

I truely believe the best artists are the ones that see rhythm in ever day life from the day to day noise of dripping taps to the beeping of horns, the ones most of us drown out.

There’s rhythm everywhere and in every part of our lifes, just stop and listen, find the sound to your life, these guys have!

This years winners of the Brit Awards are:

Best Female Solo Artist – Emile Sande – Hurts 

Best Group – The 1975

Best Male Solo Artist – David Bowie

British Breakthrough Act – Rag & Bone Man

Mastercard British Album of the Year – David Bowie “Black Star”

British Single – Little Mix “shout out to my Ex”

British Artist Video of the Year – One Direction “History”

International Solo Female Artist – Beyonce

International Group – A Tribe Called Quest

International Male Solo Artist – Drake

Global Success Award – Adele “25”

Brit Icon Award – Robbie Williams

I hope you all enjoy the music in the links 🙂