Life’s Strife

Life’s Strife


I recently been thinking about what I want from life,

One of which was to be rid of strife,

As I sit here & think back through all my troubles,

The deceit, physical beats, torments & financial struggles

I realise that I have not suffered the worst cases of these,

There many more people less fortunate than me

I still have my life, there are many deceased

Strife has been my friend just as it has been my enemy.  gave me drive when I was down on my knees

 So Today I’m grateful of all that I’ve been through all  I am is because I grew & grew

Current struggles make me to look at my life and realise I was not born of salt, fire or ice instead I was born of Glasgow strife.

by Iydlici


©copyright 2017. all rights reserved

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