Welcome to my site! 

You might be asking what is Iydlici? well basically its an abbreviation for my motto “If you don’t like it, change it” and this site is my blog of my thought processes surrounding any thing bugging my brain.

Thoughts sometimes run wild and have to put them somewhere, so I choose here.

Subjects covered can be but not exclusive to:

Feelings and emotions

Personal development


Family life

Environmental issues

and many more.

I will separate these into individual pages eventually, for now a mishmash will do.

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Unfortunetly I have to say goodbye, the one who’s watching me knows just why. He’s got nothing else to do, gotta keep himself amused. He’ll get real scorned if I mention his kiddy porn Only cos he knows its true. He’s a class A manipulator, thinks that he’s THE great creator Nobody is amused by … Continue reading goodbye

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